Roomstyle of Newcastle in County Down, Northern Ireland first opened its doors to the public in May 1987. The idea was to offer a comprehensive range of household textiles to a customer looking for items deemed to be old fashioned or out of date and who had difficulty obtaining these at all the usual outlets.

These items would include arm caps and chair backs, dressing table sets, table runners, oilcloth tablecloths, roller towels, tabard aprons, double bed bolsters and bolster cases. With the resurgence in popularity of patchwork, a wide range of designs and colours in patchwork bedspreads in single, double and king-size was introduced. These were available with pillow shams to match. For those who feel the bedspread is too large a range of smaller sized throws are available in various designs.

In recent years micro fibre has been introduced to the textile industry resulting in luxurious fleece blankets in plain colours ad juvenile designs in cot blankets. A decline in the popularity of crochet products has resulted in the revival of macramé lace in the traditional colours of white and ecru ranging from 8 inch doilies to large eight seater table cloths.

Sourcing these products is a time consuming business and requires visiting factories and warehouses all over Northern Ireland and attending trade shows in Dublin and England. The Dublin show incorporates Irish souvenir products to cater for the ever increasing tourist trade in Northern Ireland. A mixture of textile, ceramic and metal products in shamrock and Celtic designs are on display. The tourist side of the business has become increasingly important over the years and provides for an increase in turnover during the summer months in Newcastle.

Display is an important factor in all retail sectors and a comprehensive window display is vital to attract customers into the shop where they can view at their leisure the entire range of products available.

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